you are not you

downloadYesterday me and my friend went to Pathe to watch “you are not you”… The topic was ALS…The illness which announce its name the world by “ice bucket challenge”

There is a happy beautiful couple, 35 years old woman shows the symptoms from ALS… basically loosing the control of the muscles… It was terrible feeling even when I was watching I had difficulties to handle to understand the situation.

There is another girl who was helping her to do her daily duties… like eating, taking shower, going to toilet and cleaning herself, changing clothes and so and so … It is extremely difficult to depend on someone, maybe that part was the most critical part for me to accept.

Lately kind a I kicked out a lot of people from my life. Maybe related to age, maybe keeping or raising the expectations from the people are so high I could not find the reason yet and still trying to find.

I love people and I hate to argue about anything. I really enjoy to discuss even the ideas are not compromising AND I hate to argue-fight-having bad relation….

Whenever I recognize people do not afraid to break my heart I just cut all the relation to protect myself from the world merciless face…

Being alone is suck, depend on someone is also suck… I will keep my spirit alive, life is beautiful, people are also…

If they do not make me happy I will look myself… maybe I am wrong ( still have difficulties to accept this part because I think I am ok 😉 )

Personal Power

Brian Tracy! In these days I am following this speaker…. Maybe he has more tite than just being speaker, but let me write some of his enormous sentences.

I ll sketch 10 Cs to improve yourself and your carrier. If you wanna watch the video here is the link


  • self doubt can paralyze
  • self confidence begets achievement
  • behave confidently


  • focus on results, not activities
  • list your goals
  • review your goals often
  • speak with clarity

3. Competence

  • excellence yields opportunities
  • hard work yields improvement

4. Concentration

  • key to effectiveness
  • best use of time
  • sense of urgency
  • completion of each task

5. Creativity

  • ask questions
  • have one new idea

6. Consideration

  • learn to listen
  • most firings result from personality problems

7. Consistency

  • dependable work is superior
  • consistency in relationship

8. Commitment

  • to your company, job, boss
  • to your family, friends
  • to yourself, carrier, success

9. Courage

  • confront your fears
  • dare to go forward
  • avoid ruts

10. Common sense

  • train your mind
  • think things through
  • listen to your intuition


your actions are the TRUE measure 😉

Forgiveness is the best thing what you can do to yourself…. Forget about past, dont worry about future, live the moment… as they say Carpediem 😉


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ns-2 ers

Dear all,

Some of the posts I approved, this is not because I know the answer this is because to publish the question to public…. If someone knows the answer please help to those guys.
I had experience with ns2 when i was a master student and 3 years past on it. I think somehow i have to publish my thesis and source code as well. But i dont think that it will help if u just copy and paste… U have to understand how ns2 nam is working and for which purpose they are used….

Kind regards

Hilal Karatoy

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Driving License in Netherland

If you came to Holland as an abroad, and if you do not have European Union Nationality, and if you are not eligible for the 30% tax rule, and if you do not have any driving license from any of the European country you are in the right page to have knowledge about how to get driving license in here.

1st 6 months you are allowed to use your driving license ( if you have before from non-european country means you can drive 🙂

but afterward you have to have in order to drive on the trafic.

1st you have to pass the Theory exam. It is around 50 euros, when I had that there was 40 + 30 =70 questions. 35/40 + 25/30 correct answers are enough to pass the exam. after passing the exam you have to get your practice exam in 1.5 years.

I had the driving lectures from one Turkish guy. He was chargin me 35 euros per hour. Non dutch instructors generally speaks their mother toung and dutch, but dutch instructors knows english as well. So it is not problem to find instructor.

There are two types of driving license. 1st is for manual gear and the other one is automatic. If you have driving license (DL) for manual driving you are allowed to use the automatic one, but not the otherway around 🙂

The practise exam is around 220 euroos. Regarding to your learning curve and having experience about driving before the number fo lectures can be fluctuate between 10 to 120. It is quite lots ha!! so it is better to be fully concantrate when you are taking the courses and be aware of the theory-rules.

there are different kind of exams. Normal exam and  Stress exam. Normal exam is 30-45 min and you nee to finish it in this time period. Stress exam, you can stop and smoke and continue, they think that you know but you are not the person who can calm during exam , for ths reason they gave opprtunity to you to calm you down.

Before the real exam you can also take provision exam. its price is around 180 euros. Its purpose is to knwo the real exam style and get advices from the examinator, who will tell you where you have to improve and what you are god in . Lets say in real exam you are examined from 10 topic ( parking, stop, left-right turning, and controll of the steering…), but if the examinator is satisfied from ur performance in the provision exam from 4 over 10 then you will be examined in the real exam from rest of the topics, in this case 6 topics because 4 you already showed that you are good on it.

For today, this is what i wanted to share…


Last 3 weeks I have been busy with Tkinter. It is a python library for the graphical interfaces. I used lots of widgets in order to create nicely viewed pages.

separate pages, tabbed ( it is also called notebook) pages and etc.

In order to create such a page and propose to the end user with the lots of functionality I choose Model View Controller architecture. And for myself ro easily dominate my code

I will give a brief explanation about MVC ( how it works) and tips about tkinter that you have to remember when you create pages.

1. model () : this class only contains the DATA, what you wanna show on the view or the input data for the computations and so. it is passive

2. controller( model) : this class is able to communicate with model ( lets say it can see the model class) and it controlls which data will be used for which purpose. it is active

3.view ( controller, model): it is as it is understood from the name of it is the view, visual appearance. It communicates with model and controller. when user press something controller takes the role and do whatever it hs to do . Lets say user fill some inputs and press compute then, view send the data to the model and call the controller. then the controller gets the data from the model and does the necessary computations. and let the view knows from the result ( if it is required)

Tip about Tkinter….

For the structured places of the widgets two methods are used. GRID and PACK….

for the same frame never ever use pack an grid together. your source code can be compiled but it will never work 🙂 dont try to find the error bcause it is not syntax error it is logical error for the tinter :d

so far i can give that much info. I wish I had lots of time to write everything what I know.

I am so thankful to the people who publish USEFUL bolgs for us, and give chance to improve ourselves withut spending plenty of time to figure out the problem by ownselves…

Occupation 101

Approximately 150 years ago Jewish people decide do settled down on Palestine because they believe that they deserve to live in Jerusalem. They trust to God who gave promise to them in Torah that they will live in Jerusalem as a Jewish society. In those days Palestine overwhelmingly had Arab population. However, decade by decade very huge population of Jewish people migrated to Palestine and most of the countries reladated them. When they get their power they occupied Palestine parcel by parcel. They have been aid by USA for guns, combat aircrafts, tanks, money and so on even Palestine doesn’t have any. Israel government torture to Philistines. There is a huge violence at that portion of the world. Furthermore there is huge life standard difference between these two populations who are living in the same country boundaries. Israel government doesn’t have any mercy against to Philistines and they don’t allow any country to aid to Palestina.

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Toshiba A300 shut-down problem

(remove Ethernet Cable)
I have Toshiba A300 laptop. I dropped it 1 year ago and after that I couldnt use it very usefull. Because this brand doesnt have enough protection for the harddisk. Anyway, when I try to shut down my laptop it didnt shutted down and I tried eveyrthing like googling “how I shut down Toshiba bla bla” I got a lot of answer and I changed a lot of system settings.
And finally I found the answer …for my case… If I plugged ethernet cable and click shut down IT WOULDNT beside this If I use wireless communication (I mean without ethernet cable) then computer SHUTTED DOWN….
I know so stupid but this is just an herustic…Try this If changing setting doesnt work….(In my case I dropped maybe I spoilled something which effects the pipe ??!!??)

unit test and autotester

I wrote my first tester with my friends guideness. I was not aware of what I was doing exactly. But now really I am aware of.

Let’s learn why we are doing this.

you can implement something based on the design, and it seems logically correct and it can be compiled as well but it does not mean that your implementation is providing all the functionality, the only way to find the logical mistakes in your code is to do test.

there are three types of test. 1: unit 2. manual 3. auto

1. this is the test you can only check the functionality of your code. lets say there are there conditions for the particular function you wrote, with unit test you can checked whether your 3 conditions are correctly prcessed or not

2. this one does not have to be exist but it is used when you have to do something manually , such as setting some parameters or before running your application(code) turn on some other tools

3. this one is the most beautifu one, you have chance to test your program with the other implementations, not the specific function or application but entire functinality of your code.

I hope this abstract info gave some ideas to you about what you are doing!!!