you are not you

downloadYesterday me and my friend went to Pathe to watch “you are not you”… The topic was ALS…The illness which announce its name the world by “ice bucket challenge”

There is a happy beautiful couple, 35 years old woman shows the symptoms from ALS… basically loosing the control of the muscles… It was terrible feeling even when I was watching I had difficulties to handle to understand the situation.

There is another girl who was helping her to do her daily duties… like eating, taking shower, going to toilet and cleaning herself, changing clothes and so and so … It is extremely difficult to depend on someone, maybe that part was the most critical part for me to accept.

Lately kind a I kicked out a lot of people from my life. Maybe related to age, maybe keeping or raising the expectations from the people are so high I could not find the reason yet and still trying to find.

I love people and I hate to argue about anything. I really enjoy to discuss even the ideas are not compromising AND I hate to argue-fight-having bad relation….

Whenever I recognize people do not afraid to break my heart I just cut all the relation to protect myself from the world merciless face…

Being alone is suck, depend on someone is also suck… I will keep my spirit alive, life is beautiful, people are also…

If they do not make me happy I will look myself… maybe I am wrong ( still have difficulties to accept this part because I think I am ok 😉 )

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