Toshiba A300 shut-down problem

(remove Ethernet Cable)
I have Toshiba A300 laptop. I dropped it 1 year ago and after that I couldnt use it very usefull. Because this brand doesnt have enough protection for the harddisk. Anyway, when I try to shut down my laptop it didnt shutted down and I tried eveyrthing like googling “how I shut down Toshiba bla bla” I got a lot of answer and I changed a lot of system settings.
And finally I found the answer …for my case… If I plugged ethernet cable and click shut down IT WOULDNT beside this If I use wireless communication (I mean without ethernet cable) then computer SHUTTED DOWN….
I know so stupid but this is just an herustic…Try this If changing setting doesnt work….(In my case I dropped maybe I spoilled something which effects the pipe ??!!??)


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