Swimming to get shape Sony waterproof MP3

When I was in Taiwan staying in Ambassador Hotel  I had the need to do some sport in order to evacuate my energy or  somehow adjust my body to the jet lag…

There was a big shopping mall called also Big City, you can find anything else but not the shoes can fit the European feet 🙂

Anyway I was looking for mp3 player that I could listen during my swimming training and also something fancy.

I step into the SONY shop and I see this awesome neon green mp3 player. Because I bought it from Taiwan I can not bring it any of the shops in the NL but if I go there again I could bring it with me.

If you wanna see the detailed features click to the link below 😉$_57
sony waterproff mp3 player

Let me share my opinion about the headphone. It has smart design for charging the gadget, ears very well plugged and color is stunning. I have been using this player almost for 4 months now and almost 2 times a week and no complain YET 🙂

If you are heading for long swimming sessions but get bored under the water, if you are really motivated by the music and if you wanna get some eyes on you I highly recommend this stunning mp3 WATERPROOF player for you.

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