ns-2 ers

Dear all,

Some of the posts I approved, this is not because I know the answer this is because to publish the question to public…. If someone knows the answer please help to those guys.
I had experience with ns2 when i was a master student and 3 years past on it. I think somehow i have to publish my thesis and source code as well. But i dont think that it will help if u just copy and paste… U have to understand how ns2 nam is working and for which purpose they are used….

Kind regards

Hilal Karatoy

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8 thoughts on “ns-2 ers

      1. I have ns 2.30 asconf patch for SCTP. And I need this patch in ns 2.34. Question is: is it posible to modify the patch to work with ns-2.34?

  1. Hi, I need your email to send my program for you. Could you send me your email.(my area is WSNs).ahmad.salehi.sh@gmail.com

  2. Hello,
    I am doing my PhD Research on mSCTP Switchover can you please email be ns-2.30-asconf.patch file. As i have tried to download it from the source but i was not able to find it. I will be really very thankful to you for your help.

    my email is waqasahmed15@gmail.com


  3. Hey Hilalkaratoy!

    I’m Pavitra doing my M.Tech thesis. Can I get the source files or a detailed procedure for implementing TCP-ELFN? I kindly request you to help me. Thank you. 🙂

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