Modify Transmission Range on ns-2

when you want to modify your transmisson range you should do the following steps.
If you want to get different test resulst you should think about that point carefully.

Modified folder: ns-2/mac/

1.Some parameters calculation are reduced and those are shown BOLD.
WirelessChannel::calcHighestAntennaZ(Phy *tifp)
highestAntennaZ_ = highestZ/5;//Divide 5

WirelessPhy *wifp = (WirelessPhy *)tifp;
distCST_ = wifp->getDist(wifp->getCSThresh(), wifp->getPt(),
0.1, //REDUCE 1 to 0.1
0.1, //REDUCE 1 to 0.1
highestZ/2 , highestZ/2, wifp->getL(),


9 thoughts on “Modify Transmission Range on ns-2

  1. Salam

    Why would you reduce the value to 0.1 and divide antenna height by 5?

    The way I change the transmission range is simply set the Phy/WirelessPhy.

    Please can you explain.

  2. iam modeling so broadcasting schemes in Manet. I assumed my mac is null to avoid the effect of mac layer on the transmission of broadcast packet. Can anybody help me on how implement a null mac in ns2. Since it come with mac-802.11

  3. Hi sir,
    I’m mohandass , i’m working creating blackhole(single and co-operative) attacks and preventing them in MANET’s (especially AODV protocol)….

    how to create the blackhole attak sir….plz help me sir….

  4. i want to dynamically adjust transmission power of mobile nodes according to their distances from sink.. can someone help me please in doing so??

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