Last 3 weeks I have been busy with Tkinter. It is a python library for the graphical interfaces. I used lots of widgets in order to create nicely viewed pages.

separate pages, tabbed ( it is also called notebook) pages and etc.

In order to create such a page and propose to the end user with the lots of functionality I choose Model View Controller architecture. And for myself ro easily dominate my code

I will give a brief explanation about MVC ( how it works) and tips about tkinter that you have to remember when you create pages.

1. model () : this class only contains the DATA, what you wanna show on the view or the input data for the computations and so. it is passive

2. controller( model) : this class is able to communicate with model ( lets say it can see the model class) and it controlls which data will be used for which purpose. it is active

3.view ( controller, model): it is as it is understood from the name of it is the view, visual appearance. It communicates with model and controller. when user press something controller takes the role and do whatever it hs to do . Lets say user fill some inputs and press compute then, view send the data to the model and call the controller. then the controller gets the data from the model and does the necessary computations. and let the view knows from the result ( if it is required)

Tip about Tkinter….

For the structured places of the widgets two methods are used. GRID and PACK….

for the same frame never ever use pack an grid together. your source code can be compiled but it will never work ­čÖé dont try to find the error bcause it is not syntax error it is logical error for the tinter :d

so far i can give that much info. I wish I had lots of time to write everything what I know.

I am so thankful to the people who publish USEFUL bolgs for us, and give chance to improve ourselves withut spending plenty of time to figure out the problem by ownselves…


Toshiba A300 shut-down problem

(remove Ethernet Cable)
I have Toshiba A300 laptop. I dropped it 1 year ago and after that I couldnt use it very usefull. Because this brand doesnt have enough protection for the harddisk. Anyway, when I try to shut down my laptop it didnt shutted down and I tried eveyrthing like googling “how I shut down Toshiba bla bla” I got a lot of answer and I changed a lot of system settings.
And finally I found the answer …for my case… If I plugged ethernet cable and click shut down IT WOULDNT beside this If I use wireless communication (I mean without ethernet cable) then computer SHUTTED DOWN….
I know so stupid but this is just an herustic…Try this If changing setting doesnt work….(In my case I dropped maybe I spoilled something which effects the pipe ??!!??)

unit test and autotester

I wrote my first tester with my friends guideness. I was not aware of what I was doing exactly. But now really I am aware of.

Let’s learn why we are doing this.

you can implement something based on the design, and it seems logically correct and it can be compiled as well but it does not mean that your implementation is providing all the functionality, the only way to find the logical mistakes in your code is to do test.

there are three types of test. 1: unit 2. manual 3. auto

1. this is the test you can only check the functionality of your code. lets say there are there conditions for the particular function you wrote, with unit test you can checked whether your 3 conditions are correctly prcessed or not

2. this one does not have to be exist but it is used when you have to do something manually , such as setting some parameters or before running your application(code) turn on some other tools

3. this one is the most beautifu one, you have chance to test your program with the other implementations, not the specific function or application but entire functinality of your code.

I hope this abstract info gave some ideas to you about what you are doing!!!

how to use doxygen via visual studio 2008 + z-trning + parallax

improve you programmin language skills (in any programming language) “”
implement your codes on robots and buy it form “”
and document your lovely codes in doxygen

easy to use doxygen…google it and read it what is this…but now just for you I will give how to use it at least from template….

I assume tha you already had visual studio 2008 …
1. go and download doxygen for windows “A binary distribution for Windows XP/Vista/7” this is prefable one and install it under your C:\Program Files
2. go to C:\Program Files\doxygen\ and copy the file “configuration” to your project folder….this configuration file and your source codes should be in the same directory.

now sort of you done….
to get html or latex or what ever you read about dowygen you should do —-> the cmd.exe
2. chage directory to your source codes directory
3.write “doxygen configuration”

now you can go to source code directory and you can see the html or the other files which is added in the configuration file….

debug to release VC++

fatal error C1083 no such file or directory for header files you will get this error even you had that files in your current folder…

first of all run your code in debug mode
then copy each library each include file to your release mode.
run each project after that try to run your whole project
care about the dependencies
when you copied everything from the debug mode be careful about the extension of the folders….
\debug\bbb.lib should be \release\bbb.lib in release mode…

in DEBUG MODE (if it is working) vc++ generates some dependencies copy them
for example
travel in the properties of the each project and solution
be careful about the “configuration type” “properties” “preprocessor ( in debug it should be DEBUG but in release it should be NDEBUG)”
check the command line under the Linker and look for the created libraries….



Packet Tracer

├çok sayg─▒de─čer arkada┼č─▒m Kaya Atabey tavsiye etmi┼čti NETWORK ├Â─črenmek istersen Packet Tracer demi┼čti. Biraz CCNA bilgisi ister neyin ne i┼če yarad─▒─č─▒n─▒ billirsen kullan─▒rs─▒n aksi halde anlams─▒z bir kurulum…

rapid linki

Elle tutulur videolar haz─▒rlayay─▒m o zmn CamStudio ilede kaydeder yay─▒nlar─▒m…

Screen Record – Ekran Kayd─▒

Video yu izliyorum youtube da ya da sitelerde yard─▒mc─▒ oluyor insanlar ho┼čuma gidiyor tabi. Bilmeyenler saol diyecek ama bilenler ooo ka├ž─▒nc─▒ y├╝zy─▒lda ya┼č─▒yorsun tribi yapacak ama ben yinede ge├ž farkedenler i├žin s├Âyleyeyim diyorum “CamStudio” ad─▒nda here sitesinde FREE bedava bele┼č indirebilece─činiz bir program var. bir ka├ž yerde ayar yapt─▒─č─▒n─▒z da g├╝zel bir sonu├ž elde ediyorsunuz. Bende laptop var ses kayd─▒m bilgisayara tak─▒l─▒ aparattan al─▒n─▒yor bunu programda ayarlaman─▒z gerekiyor.
1. Options-cursor options — burda cursor─▒n─▒z─▒n yani mouse unuzun ucunda point olmas─▒n─▒ sa─člayabilirsiniz yada tamamen mouse u kald─▒rabilirsiniz.

2. Region da Full Screen i secerek t├╝m ekran─▒n─▒zn kay─▒t edilmesini sa─člayabilirsiniz.

3. Options -Recors audio from speakers diyerek de kayd─▒n laptop ├╝zerindeki aparattan yuap─▒las─▒n─▒ sa─člars─▒n─▒z

4. play e basar ekran─▒ a┼č┼ča─č─▒ indirir .avi format─▒nda saklar sonrada insanl─▒─ča faydal─▒ olursunuz…


Smart-draw ve visio ya inat gayette oturup code yazarak ├ž─▒kt─▒lar─▒ g├Ârebildi─čin e─čelenceli bir tool kendisi.
Sanal alemde yeterince hakk─▒nda yaz─▒ yaz─▒lm─▒s olmas─▒na ra─čmen ben daha yeni kullanmaya ba┼člad─▒m ama ├Â─črenmesi ├žok olay, bir ka├ž ├Ârnek bunun i├žin yeterli. kesinlikle ziyaret edilesi site.

Database dersinde UML ├žizmek ER diagram cizmek icin dedi─čim gibi biz smartdraw kullan─▒rd─▒k crackini bulansa visio kullan─▒rd─▒.

bunuda page lerim aras─▒na ekleyip anlataca─č─▒m….