Canzai, the north oparth of Italy the beautiful city surorunded with Alps. In total we are stay in here for 8 days, after 14 hours bus trip we eventually reached to Bernard Hotel which is extremely cozy and close to the ski resort.

Bus trip to be honest was a torture for me, lately I am having some problem with sitting. My researchs shows that I have either disc problem on my spine or some bone issues. The terminology I will share after I have seen the HUISART by means family doctor. If I sit more than a certain period of time like an hour, or if I do rowing ( extreme  movement of the legs) then I feel my legs numb and and squezed ( terrible experience)

Lets back to the Canazai… 1st day and we have already done red-blue slopes. I am afraid to go to Diamonds :/

the rest of the trip I will focus on some technics but the idea to complete Sella Ronda. This is the path you need to ( not have to 🙂 ) from 9 untill 5pm. Because then the lifts are closed and shuttle service stop as well 🙂

Make sure you have TRAVEL INSURANCE, i broke my wrist and from mountain to the city, city to hospital, xray, castin cost 1700 EUROS. Later ins. cmp. arranged transportation from Canazai to Innsburck taxi ( around 2 hours), austria to eindhoven flight ( ~1,5 hours), eindhoven to home again taxi…. So overall one way trip was around 600euros. HAVE AN INSURANCE 🙂 i M SERIOUS…


US- Portland – OR

Ok Igot the photo from internet but this is it, seriously It is amazingly beautiful mountain… Easy to drive. From Hilsboro to Mt Hood apporximately 1,5 hours the way back was longer because of traffic jam, different path etc….

All in one means oonly gear except clothing so if you see such advertisement dont be fooled 🙂

I also went to mosque and meet with people there

And yeah Rex:)


Taipei 101

Romania – Cluj Napoca

The most beautiful part of the trip was the SalinaTurda…the salt mine…apart from that the architecture is fine, you can feel the art. we did not have so much time to travel but overall it was a good trip. echoing 14 times… we were able to count until 12 though:)

US – Albany – NY

Business trip… New York New York. It was the second day we drive from Albany to NY C. We were at WofRoad and it took around 4 hours to go there, we parked the car at Pier 40 and for 8 hours we paid 21 + tax which is around 27 dollars.

I was giving phose for photo shot and suddenly “cockie monster” involve to the shot and I was a bit suprised and said thank you and then he asked “donation”… beg you  pardon!!! heel you get in to the photo. anyway we gave money but I was not so happy … it was no about the money but it was more the way how it works.

An place you get in you have calculate TIP or TAX whatever it is written on the menu or the prijs tag dont forget to add the tax or the tip.

To be honest I am not impressed from the NYC time square but people said there are lots to see.

During the week we just went out to have dinner, and the same story goes everywhere , just eat pay and go … you don’t have time to chat with your friend, which is really annoying.

When you drive car you have to be really careful, you just stop 10 m before the pedestrian, and the trafic lights are confusing and traffic labels are extremely “for dummies” even then it was a bit challenging to drive there if you are just new 🙂

And second weekend we went to Saratoga,, historical, nice american city. During the road trip I was amazed by the view; tree tree tree everywhere and awesome houses, and frozen lake 😀

We also went to Lee outlet, GAP is extremely cheap and the other brands not really friendly for your pocket even you were in the outlet, but over all like in the movies cosy and lovely place it was 🙂

it was cool. The parking spots are quiet large, cars indeed:))

it was long, efficient, COLD ( in some point -22 Celsius ) trip. We change the plan in Detroit so I had chance to see a bit.. The city view is amazing, t remind me Istanbul just light everywhere:)

Bulgaria – Sofia

Went there with couple of my colleagues, Sofia the capital… I felt a bit not happy there. Sad and unhappy people, and my walking shoes was not so comfortable. There is a monastery we went it was quiet good but I don’t know I am not impressed form anything any more. The most beautiful part just I was with couple of nice people. We went to a restaurant which is called Happy … but everything was happy :)Happy restaurant, Happy grill, Happy bar, Happy sushi, Happy cafe… I am not exaggerated it was so funny.

Spain – Barcelona – Balearic Sea

I went to Barcelona two times. One was to see the city Barcelona and the second one was for sailing trip. The first visit was in spring and it was rainy and not so much fun I get… Sagrada Familia and Park Guell were the example of impressive architecture…. Second time I have learned quiet a lot about sailing and almost a week we were on the sea.  I was not able to breath in the first day because I was in the boat then I have learned I have to stay outside because then you don’t feel sick…

Austria – Salzburg

I went to Salzburg with my class mates. we stayed there for almost a week. And we practised snow boarding. I just like it a lot but because I hadnt have any gears with me so it was quiet expensive trip for me.  We went there by car and it was really long journey especially for the person like who hates looooong transportation hours….

Turkey – Istanbul

The place where I live years and years and years… All the stories memories, mistakes, achievements, fails, loves, disappointments, prides, and all the other feelings. Istanbul is my heart… I just miss sometimes but if you ask me you want to go back I think the answer is pretty obvious NO.


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