Occupation 101

Approximately 150 years ago Jewish people decide do settled down on Palestine because they believe that they deserve to live in Jerusalem. They trust to God who gave promise to them in Torah that they will live in Jerusalem as a Jewish society. In those days Palestine overwhelmingly had Arab population. However, decade by decade very huge population of Jewish people migrated to Palestine and most of the countries reladated them. When they get their power they occupied Palestine parcel by parcel. They have been aid by USA for guns, combat aircrafts, tanks, money and so on even Palestine doesn’t have any. Israel government torture to Philistines. There is a huge violence at that portion of the world. Furthermore there is huge life standard difference between these two populations who are living in the same country boundaries. Israel government doesn’t have any mercy against to Philistines and they don’t allow any country to aid to Palestina.

Refrence: http://tvshack.net/movies/Occupation_101__2006_/
Type: Documentary


2 thoughts on “Occupation 101

  1. years don”t change peoples” uneducated fact
    they just read one source – not correct one- and believe that.
    i invite people to read and learn the right info.
    then they will understand who has mercy and who hasn”t. the jewish lands” history is not 150 years old… 3000 years old.
    i invite people to check the religious books and to see how many times jerusalem appears in quran?….

    1. Dear Rina, could you please provide the proper book for us then we can know how Israel was constructed as a country. As you see I gave the link where igot this information. Actually i did not find this info by purpose that was just I read for my english essay homework, I know you and I trust you and I am willing to read the book or the source what you will provide. Then I can have the right information. You can say google it, but as you said one source and not correct one, please provide the correct history source. Quaran is not the source that I can read, I need something which is writtn by Jewish person.

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