Driving License in Netherland

If you came to Holland as an abroad, and if you do not have European Union Nationality, and if you are not eligible for the 30% tax rule, and if you do not have any driving license from any of the European country you are in the right page to have knowledge about how to get driving license in here.

1st 6 months you are allowed to use your driving license ( if you have before from non-european country means you can drive 🙂

but afterward you have to have in order to drive on the trafic.

1st you have to pass the Theory exam. It is around 50 euros, when I had that there was 40 + 30 =70 questions. 35/40 + 25/30 correct answers are enough to pass the exam. after passing the exam you have to get your practice exam in 1.5 years.

I had the driving lectures from one Turkish guy. He was chargin me 35 euros per hour. Non dutch instructors generally speaks their mother toung and dutch, but dutch instructors knows english as well. So it is not problem to find instructor.

There are two types of driving license. 1st is for manual gear and the other one is automatic. If you have driving license (DL) for manual driving you are allowed to use the automatic one, but not the otherway around 🙂

The practise exam is around 220 euroos. Regarding to your learning curve and having experience about driving before the number fo lectures can be fluctuate between 10 to 120. It is quite lots ha!! so it is better to be fully concantrate when you are taking the courses and be aware of the theory-rules.

there are different kind of exams. Normal exam and  Stress exam. Normal exam is 30-45 min and you nee to finish it in this time period. Stress exam, you can stop and smoke and continue, they think that you know but you are not the person who can calm during exam , for ths reason they gave opprtunity to you to calm you down.

Before the real exam you can also take provision exam. its price is around 180 euros. Its purpose is to knwo the real exam style and get advices from the examinator, who will tell you where you have to improve and what you are god in . Lets say in real exam you are examined from 10 topic ( parking, stop, left-right turning, and controll of the steering…), but if the examinator is satisfied from ur performance in the provision exam from 4 over 10 then you will be examined in the real exam from rest of the topics, in this case 6 topics because 4 you already showed that you are good on it.

For today, this is what i wanted to share…

2 thoughts on “Driving License in Netherland

  1. Merhaba Hilal Hanım,
    TU/e’de Autonomic Network Group’da bir PhD pozisyonu var. Bu araştırma grubunu ve Prof. Antonio’yu incelerken size rastladım. Prof.Antonio’un öğrencisi ve bu bölümden mezun biri olarak, ve Hollanda da yaşamış biri olarak size bazı sorularım olacak izininizle. Mail ile iletişime geçebilirmiyiz?

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