Personal Power

Brian Tracy! In these days I am following this speaker…. Maybe he has more tite than just being speaker, but let me write some of his enormous sentences.

I ll sketch 10 Cs to improve yourself and your carrier. If you wanna watch the video here is the link


  • self doubt can paralyze
  • self confidence begets achievement
  • behave confidently


  • focus on results, not activities
  • list your goals
  • review your goals often
  • speak with clarity

3. Competence

  • excellence yields opportunities
  • hard work yields improvement

4. Concentration

  • key to effectiveness
  • best use of time
  • sense of urgency
  • completion of each task

5. Creativity

  • ask questions
  • have one new idea

6. Consideration

  • learn to listen
  • most firings result from personality problems

7. Consistency

  • dependable work is superior
  • consistency in relationship

8. Commitment

  • to your company, job, boss
  • to your family, friends
  • to yourself, carrier, success

9. Courage

  • confront your fears
  • dare to go forward
  • avoid ruts

10. Common sense

  • train your mind
  • think things through
  • listen to your intuition


your actions are the TRUE measure 😉

Forgiveness is the best thing what you can do to yourself…. Forget about past, dont worry about future, live the moment… as they say Carpediem 😉


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