get SHaPe challenge

It has been a while I have been struggling with a lot of things weight loss included. I tried everything by myself but eventually I have realised that while I am busy with other things it is not easy to concentrate on myself.

I decided to start CROSSFIT in Jan-Hein is the owner, he has some age for sure but he is an athletic man you can immediately see his strength.I will come back to details later on about cross fit and my program.

I met with Marly Nooijen via YouAct cross fit gym owner. I told her what I have been gone through, my fed up with sport, fracture I have for my wrist and devastation from the life ( sort of)

She just listened to me and we just get started. She just told me to start right away, no day off no break no lets start Monday etc. It was 26th of July 2016 Tuesday. 27th I got the list and evening I went for shopping. The program is for 3 months. At the end of the month she will give new program for nutrition and also for exercises.

I have started to this blog a bit late because now I have very structured life that I can find time for anything I want.

In different days different topics I will discuss in my blog, I will share my experiences with the people out there. Bare with me, the life easy if you share the experiences with the others and get learn from their experiences too.

Lets get started with the plan: I have 2 different plans 1 is as I said nutrition and 2nd one is exercises.

Nutrition: Basically almost everything from AH ( Albert Heijn, very famous supermarket in the Netherlands)

I eat almost everything, basically I have 5 meals everyday. Based on the day (active or inactive) my daily intake also changes. I will add what I eat everyday later on this blog.

Monday-Tuesday CROSS FIT

Wednesday REST day

Thursday – Friday CROSS FIT

Saturday REST day

Sunday CARDIO ( cycling)

I also aimed to have above 8000 steps everyday I got a gadget from fitbit and also upload the app on my phone to track my daily progress.

Exercises: Currently there are two clubs I am going: Powerhouse040 and SportVision. Based on the plan made by Marly I go 2 times to Powerhouse040 and 2 times to SportVision.

In PowerHouse I do WODs and in SportVision I trinaed with Marly, she is my personal trainer.

After 3 months I will start again to row with the crew in Theta.



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