unit test and autotester

I wrote my first tester with my friends guideness. I was not aware of what I was doing exactly. But now really I am aware of.

Let’s learn why we are doing this.

you can implement something based on the design, and it seems logically correct and it can be compiled as well but it does not mean that your implementation is providing all the functionality, the only way to find the logical mistakes in your code is to do test.

there are three types of test. 1: unit 2. manual 3. auto

1. this is the test you can only check the functionality of your code. lets say there are there conditions for the particular function you wrote, with unit test you can checked whether your 3 conditions are correctly prcessed or not

2. this one does not have to be exist but it is used when you have to do something manually , such as setting some parameters or before running your application(code) turn on some other tools

3. this one is the most beautifu one, you have chance to test your program with the other implementations, not the specific function or application but entire functinality of your code.

I hope this abstract info gave some ideas to you about what you are doing!!!


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