how to use doxygen via visual studio 2008 + z-trning + parallax

improve you programmin language skills (in any programming language) “”
implement your codes on robots and buy it form “”
and document your lovely codes in doxygen

easy to use doxygen…google it and read it what is this…but now just for you I will give how to use it at least from template….

I assume tha you already had visual studio 2008 …
1. go and download doxygen for windows “A binary distribution for Windows XP/Vista/7” this is prefable one and install it under your C:\Program Files
2. go to C:\Program Files\doxygen\ and copy the file “configuration” to your project folder….this configuration file and your source codes should be in the same directory.

now sort of you done….
to get html or latex or what ever you read about dowygen you should do —-> the cmd.exe
2. chage directory to your source codes directory
3.write “doxygen configuration”

now you can go to source code directory and you can see the html or the other files which is added in the configuration file….


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